Managing Non-IT Risks

License Compliance


As a business that builds proprietary applications, no doubt you’ll already be using open source components. Or maybe you are using an application that 9 times out of 10 will contain open source components.

How do we know?

GitHub security researcher Maya Kaczorowski cites data that suggests between 85–97% of enterprise software codebases come…


How to increase your Javascript security

Goodbye and Good Riddance

Last year was a wild ride, no question about that. Although most people who look back will probably think about pandemics and leadership crisis. However, a lot happened on the IT stage as well.

Within the JavaScript ecosphere a lot happened last year and the sheer speed of development is…

Javascript security

Javascript pitfalls and how to avoid them

Build it better and safer, using these 10 best practices

In this post we’ll look at some best practises that my team and I believe in when building for the JavaScript ecosphere, whether you’re in a fast growing start-up or a larger organisation. …

Practical DevOps

Should be easy, right? Well, it’s not. Here’s how I did it.

So we had an EC2 instance that outlived itself, keys were lost (read about how we recovered the contents here) and needed to replace it.

Instead of reinstalling a whole new EC2 server for it, I thought, hey, why not just make a small docker container and deploy it on…

Practical DevOps

Have you ever misplaced your private keys?


A quick and easy way to recover your data even though you have lost your private keys.

How did we get here?

Practical Photography

Add a punch to your photo with that lens flare effect


Three practical tips for getting that sunburst effect in to you landscape photography

1. Timing

When shooting landscapes, especially when shooting the “last/first rays
of the day” timing and equipment selection is critical. …

Practical DevOps

Using AWS Cloudfront to reduce the cost of your other expensive SaaS services

It can be expensive to scale out, here’s how you can save a bit of money reducing your 3rd party transfer costs


Reducing SaaS transfer costs using AWS Cloudfront with a Origin Request Lambda function. With just a little code you can create a proxy that takes load of your 3rd party services. …

Practical Machine Learning

How to use your SQL Database with XGBoost to solve Multiclass classification problems with AWS Sagemaker


In this article I share some learnings from a recent ML multiclass classification setup I recently deployed for a client. …

Using Github actions to build and publish npm packages

Manual and, let’s face it, often quite tedious tasks can easily be automated with modern tools such as Github Actions. When combined with a private registry we can facilitate collaboration and increase quality by keeping better track of our code supply pipeline.

Full disclosure: I’m one of the founders behind…

Long gone are the times when web sites were built from the ground up (anyone remember CGI-BIN?) It’s no secret that the fast-paced, interactive web of today is built on modular technology, websites often use hundreds if not thousands of Javascript packages. What happens when someone or something breaks?


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